Le Bureau des guides (EN)

Le Bureau des guides is an association that brings together the initiators of the GR2013 hiking trail. His field of action connects three major areas : planning (urban and ecological), contemporary creation and culture as well as tourism. By gathering artists-walkers, groups of inhabitants and architects-builders, it works to continue and develop the adventure of GR2013 by proposing through its various projects :

  • Walks and guided walks

Organization and coordination of an annual program of walks and marches with artists, cultural and heritage structures.


  • Event programming

Design and organization of cultural, artistic and heritage meetings for various public or private organizations, municipalities or communities.


  • Training, workshop and transmission

Design, production and coordination of training modules on the creation of itineraries, actions or creation around metropolitan landscapes.

During 2020, we have an international workshop in 5 european cities –> The Metropolitan Trails Academy is an educational project that provides avenues for building metropolitan trails and reading metropolises. More information here.


  • Defense of metropolitan areas

Mediation and communication, enhancement of the network of actors around the march on Marseille, the department and beyond.




Le Bureau des guides provides events throughout the year, check the news and subscribe to the newsletter.

He also offers a series of exhibitions within La Vitrine du sentier located at 152 Canebière 13001 Marseille open access from Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm.

Walking artists


Julie de Muer, producer

Independent producer, Julie de Muer lives and works in Marseille since 2001. Co-founder of the Batofar in Paris, she directed the cultural radio Radio Grenouille for 7 years. Founding member of Hôtel du Nord and GR2013, she accompanies artists who are interested in the issue of the territory. With inhabitants of the northern districts of Marseille, she builds itineraries to discover and question the city. The sounds walks, to listen in the public space, which she developed with Radio Grenouille, were in 2013 a winning project of GoogleWithin the Bureau, she is in charge of the artistic follow-up and the production of projects.


Alexandre Fieldproject architect

Architect, he shares early professional activity between project management and design of cultural projects. Founding member of the collective « Le Mouvement des Chemineurs« , he proposes in 2001 a truant school at ENSA-Versailles. He is the author of « Dense Dense Dense », an awareness tool for the use of residents and elected officials of municipalities. Initiator of the Caravan 2013 project (an editorialized exploration of the GR2103), co-founder of the association GR2013, the Bureau des Guides, he participates in making the Trail a way of exploring and telling the territory, the vector of a  » metropolitan culture « .  Within the Bureau, he promotes innovative projects that aim to make the trail a true cultural facility.

Baptiste Lanaspeze, publisher

Baptiste Lanaspeze, born in 1977 in Paris, is publisher, author and walker. In 2008, he founded the publishing house Wildproject, a pioneering in France in the development of ecological thought. He is the author of several books including Wild city : essay on urban ecology (Actes Sud, 2012) and many articles, prefaces, forums… on issues related to ecology, urbanism, art contemporary and decolonial questions. After initiating and coordinating the realization of the GR2013, in 2014 he confects the association « Metropolitan Trails » (2013 Medal of Urbanism of the Academy of Architecture) which develops the Metropolitan Trails in different metropolises of the world.  Within the Bureau, he accompanies editorial projects.


Loïc Magnantproducer and coordinator

Head of cultural projects, Loïc Magnant lives and works in Marseille. He has been coordinator of the Cité des Arts de la Rue. He develops projects combining walking, heritage and artistic creation. In MP2013, he follows the realization of the GR2013. He accompanies in cultural engineering projects related to territories (Hexagon in Grenoble, Public Places and MP2018 in Marseille…).  Within the Bureau, he coordinates the administration of the structure.

Marielle Agbotonmediation and public relations officer
Marion Bottaro, production and administration officer